The Great 401k deception: Pay taxes now or pay MORE taxes later.

Are you caught in the 401k tax trap?

Here’s what every professional ought to know:

  • You understand when you contribute to your retirement plan, you get a tax deduction now on your contribution and have more money in your pocket today.
  • But, by taking the deduction now you deferred the taxes until later. You pay the taxes in the future.
  • When you take money out in the future, you will pay income taxes at whatever rate taxes are at that time.
  • So, you have pushed off this tax liability into the future. Do you think taxes will be lower or higher in the future?

When you take money out of your 401k in the future, will you be paying higher or lower taxes? (Remember, your withdrawals are fully taxable.)

  • Top Tax Bracket 1944

  • Top Tax Bracket 1964

  • Top Tax Bracket 1984

  • Top Tax Bracket 2014


What you can do now to protect your wealth from taxes:

Using your 401k, SEP, IRA, or Defined Benefit Plan with a TAX FREE strategy could reduce your taxes long term by 50% or more!

Here are some potential tax savings examples based on your desired income. Click on the tab with your estimated or desired retirement income to see the savings estimate. These are only hypothetical estimates. Talk to your tax professional.

Creating tax free income and protecting your wealth has never been more important. The first steps are to understand the different ways money is taxed:


ROTH 401k, ROTH, Indexed Life, Whole Life

Tax free distribution
No taxes on gains
Protected from tax increases
No limit on income/contribution (Life only)

Taxes paid today on contribution (may be partially deductible through a company)
Less money to save/spend today

Quick Fact: In 2014 the top tax bracket is 39.6%. The average top tax bracket over the last 100 years is 59%!

How to create a tax free income plan at your company.

Having a tax free income plan at your company can provide your top employees with tax free income during retirement. This can provide a very attractive supplement to the taxable income that will come from defined benefit plans and 401k distributions. Contact Denver Nowicz for more information at 480-970-5663.

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How to grow your money while protecting it from losses.

This is a detailed look at how index crediting strategies work inside and index universal life insurance policy and how they can perform in up, down or flat markets. How did these strategies do during the last two market crashes?

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How policy loans work with whole life insurance and indexed life insurance

Whether you are trying to be your own bank or maximize tax free income, it is important to know the difference between loan provisions in whole life insurance and indexed life insurance. We also discuss what can go wrong with both types of policies. This video is part 2.

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I can help you avoid the financial traps my family fell into by giving you a free eBook you will find below. The strategies you’ll find in the book were developed from my experiences of taking care of my family…

I spent 10 years taking care of my mom, dad and grandma before they past away. I’ve seen what happens when financial plans don’t work, markets crash or you simply get bad advice.

nowicz family

My mom inherited $50,000 when her grandfather passed away. She was talked into investing this in what turned out to be an “Enron” type stock and lost it all. She deserved better advice. mom bday
I watched my Dad and his small business get audited by the IRS multiple times. You would think the IRS would have bigger fish to fry. He could have used a good tax protection strategy. maricopa truck
My Grandma did all the fun things you do when you retire but she just ended up living to age 93 and outliving her savings. It takes a lot more money than people think in this day and age. Granny Camel

Should you create a tax free plan?

For many Americans, social security will be their only source of retirement income. Taxes won’t be an issue.¬† If your current income is $75,000 or higher you will definitely want to consider this. If you are in the top 1% this is almost a necessity.
Keep in mind, a tax free strategy using indexed life insurance is one way to grow wealth but not the only way. But when considering this, here are three things to know:

  1. What are the costs and charges
  2. What are the downsides
  3. What can go wrong with the plan

Let’s work together to see if this makes sense for you. I will handle your case personally. If you are looking to build a long term relationship with a proven, established, independent adviser then schedule a time to talk with me.

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Create tax free income with no income or contribution limits
Build passive tax free income streams to retire early
Protect your wealth from market losses and capture gains
Maximize your wealth, minimize taxes and keep costs low

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