Keep your money in Your Business and Your Life
while maximizing your wealth using Intelligent Leverage…

  • 60% MORE income for retirement vs. conventional retirement plans
  • 75% LESS contribution vs. traditional saving strategies
  • Enjoy more life now AND in the future with less financial stress
  • Available to individuals or as a company benefit

How it works…

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  • You/Company sets annual contribution amount
  • Bank splits the contribution 50/50 years 1-5
  • Bank funds 100% of the contribution amount  years 6-10
  • No financial underwriting or loan docs
  • The contribution/asset acts as the sole collateral

Using Intelligent Leverage you have more cash working on your behalf. This multiplies your income with the same out-of-pocket.

Example: Technology Executive age 45…

    • Executive/Company contributes $33,000 per year for 5 years
    • Bank matches contribution with $33,000 per year for 5 years
    • Bank contributes an additional $66,000 per year for years 6-10
    • Executive receives TAX-FREE income at age 65
    • Compare self-funded vs. Smart Leverage

    This can make your financial goals a reality in the most efficient way possible…

    • Over $4.7 Billion funded

    • Available to individuals or companies

    • No contribution limit for bank matching

    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”bold”]All plans structured with “A” rated insurance companies:[/text_block]
    • Interest earning potential based on popular market indexes
    • No loss of cash value due to market downturns
    • Tax deferred growth and tax free income using policy loans
    • Death Benefit, Critical Illness and Injury, Chronic Illness and Terminal illness protections
    • The policy is the sole-collateral for the loan. No financial underwriting or loan docs.
    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”bold”]Using Intelligent Leverage provides unmatched ROI:[/text_block]
    • Client contributes years 1-5 and bank funds years 1-10
    • 3 To 1 Leverage! Bank will loan up to three times client contribution
    • Stress tested under harsh economic times like the Great Depression and the High Interest 80’s.

    How the funding schedule looks over time…

    • 1

      Years 1-5: Initial Funding Stages

      During the first 5 years, the participant contributes their portion and the lender matches the amount. The funds are added into the insurance policy.

    • 2

      Years 6-10: 100% Lender Contribution

      After year five the participant’s obligation is projected to be complete and the lender makes the remaining contributions.

    • 3

      Years 11-15: Continued Growth

      During this time the policy has potential to accumulate more value and the lender is projected to be paid off at the end of year 15 through policy cash value.

    • 4

      Years 16 and Beyond: Tax Free Retirement Income

      Policy continues to accumulate interest until the distributions are taken for lifestyle needs such as supplemental retirement income. Distributions are made tax free to the particpant through policy loans.

    Bank will loan up to three times your contributions…

    • Executive contributes $125,000 – Bank contributes $375,000
    • Pain Management Doctor contributes $300,000 – Bank contributes $900,000
    • Attorney contributes $1,000,000 – Bank contributes $3,000,000

    Over $4.7 Billion in Plans Funded since 2000

    • 95% success rate for plan retention
    • Dollar for dollar the best benefit plan in the market
    • More protection and retirement income for less out of pocket.
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