Over the last 14 years the markets have hit all time highs three times: March 2000, July 2007, and roughly where we are at now – June 2014.

What if you had turned 65 and decided to retire in the year 2000? As you’ll see in this video – the market ups and downs forced “Joe” – who had planned to work until age 65 – to work all the way to age 78.

To make matters worse, he still faces the same question today, with the markets at all time highs again, just like in March of 2000: What to do now?

Will the market continue going up? What if you are retiring and pulling out money? How will the market affect your future savings?

Are you in your peak earning years? What happens if the markets go flat while you are saving the most money?

I have been helping clients avoid this roller-coaster trap for over a decade. And you can do it. If you are worried about what you see in this video, call me and let’s have a conversation. My direct line is 480-970-5663.