Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

How To Have A Bulletproof Financial Plan

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:How To Have A Bulletproof Financial Plan

Bonus From The Episode: Tax Bucket Worksheet

Talk with me, ask questions, learn about the strategies.

Is your retirement plan based on one thing happening? The one thing is the stock market going up.

Even if you are decades away from retirement, wouldn’t it be better to have strategies that work when the market is up down or flat?

What if you are 40 years old and you have a market decade like 2000-2010 where the market was flat? Yes, you have time to recover but you lost 10 years of compounding! 

What if you are 10 years or less from retirement and the market goes up and down constantly over the next decade? Can you afford to not have your money grow?

How about in retirement? Do you have strategies to provide you with income when the markets are not performing?

This is the “One Thing” retirement plan many people are stuck with. Market must go up!

To be sure markets will go up but will the market timing match your life timing?

Wouldn’t it be better to have strategies working if the market is up, down or flat? 

Strategies to always keep your money compounding even when markets are not performing. 

When you do this, you can retire sooner and with more money than you thought.

Learn how on this episode of Wealth For Life radio.