Strategy Design:

Through partnerships with top banks and A+ plus rated insurance companies this strategy works like a no-limit ROTH on steroids.

  • Contributions are matched at a ratio 3 to 1 with no upper limit on matching.
  • 6x-10x more retirement income compared to traditional savings plans.
  • You contribute only for five years. Then you are done!
  • No loan docs, credit checks or outside collateral.
  • You are not personally responsible for the bank matching
  • Stress tested through the harshest economic environments

Watch this 15 minute overview:

Next, combine your taxable and tax free sources of income to drop into lower tax brackets and save six figures or more in taxes over the course of your retirement as outlined in this video:

Estimate your tax free income using the online demo system and tools.

You can access comprehensive resources and plan due diligence on your own without any pressure.

We do require a 15 minute walkthrough to show you how to use the demo and as fiduciaries we need to make sure this is appropriate for your situation. This strategy is designed for households with income greater than $250,000 per year.

Schedule an 15 minute demo walkthrough using the calendar link below.

  • Creates a tax-free income stream for retirement. 

  • 60%-100% more income vs. saving on your own.

  • For producing tax free income, this beats saving on your own even through the harshest economic conditions.

  • You set up a five-year contribution plan.

  • Fund it for five years.

  • You are done! No long term savings commitment.

Exp: $250,000 ($50k yr. x 5)

  • Bank matches up to 3 to 1

  • No upper limit on matching (Over $2 Billion funded)

  • No personal guarantee on funds or loan docs.

Exp: Match: $750,000

  • Funds go to an A+ rated insurance company

  • Provides guarantees

  • Grows funds

Exp: $1,000,000 growing tax-free for your retirement

  • Popular Stock Market Indexes

  • Principal is Guaranteed Against Market Losses by A+ rated insurance company

  • Gains “Lock In” every 12 months and cannot be lost in future years due to market downturns.

  • Fees average 1% or less over time

About The Founder

Wealth For Life was founded by Denver Nowicz, a fiduciary financial adviser with over 20 years in the industry.  The Fiduciary Responsibility is always in the clients best interest first. – Nationwide Service – (602) 326-3435